I have worked professionally as an illustrator since 1988, when I started producing comic strips for the science fiction adventure comic 2000AD.

Eight years work for 2000AD was followed by several years working on Sonic the Comic, producing comic strips based on Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters. This gave me great experience in working with licensed characters.

I have since gone on to work on licensed characters as diverse as Digimon, Angelina Ballerina, Mr. Bean, My Little Pony and the Power Rangers.

I have produced illustrations in a range of different styles for clients such as Redan, Egmont, Panini, Dark Horse Comics, D. C. Comics, Reader’s Digest, Eagle Star, Haymarket Conferencing, local councils and wildlife organisations and private commissions.

My illustration work encompasses both traditional and digital elements, as well as digital design.

I am currently working on new comic strip material for the Beano, as well as work for Panini, Oxford University Press, Egmont and Classical Comics


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